State of the art GPS Tracking

State of the art GPS Tracking

Orienteering and regular maps

Orienteering and regular maps


Spend the weekend in Inverness and be back in Central Scotland for work on Monday 

Make the most of your weekend with a navigation skills course in Inverness. For Beginners. For Walkers. For Runners. Three courses covering all abilities. Start at 9am on Saturday, finish by 5pm on Sunday having gained a whole new skillset - and that fresh-air feeling you get only when you’ve spent the weekend outdoors. 

These courses also run on a Thursday/Friday - so you can stay and enjoy a long weekend in the Highlands practising your new skills. 

Convenient city location
Less than 3.5 hours from Glasgow and Edinburgh, Inverness is surrounded by hills which are perfect for learning to navigate. You will be driven to each day’s location, so you don’t need a car once you’re here. There are regular trains and buses from the Central Belt to Inverness. 

Live GPS tracking
At the beginning of the course you will be given a tiny GPS unit which is taped on to your rucksack. This has two advantages: 1) The review tool will be used to look back over the day's navigation, analysing any key learning points or errors; 2) Individuals or pairs can be safely sent away from the group on a route which is tailored to their unique learning needs. 


Night navigation practice
It is intimidating to keep navigating when you have taken longer than you planned, darkness has fallen and you are walking into the night. If you can practise this skill first in a supportive learning environment, you're much more likely to be able to get yourself off the hill safely when things do go wrong. Also, if you can navigate in the dark, daytime navigation will feel like a piece of cake in comparison!

About me
I hold the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate, which is the highest professional instructional qualification in the UK. I am also a UKCC Level 2 Orienteering Coach, and a very keen orienteer and mountain marathon runner in my spare time. Established in 2017, my small business is entirely focused on teaching mountain navigation. I've been teaching in the outdoors for 15 years, and have distilled all my experience into these carefully designed courses.

Inverness, Scotland

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